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If your website is built on WordPress then read this

For anyone who is trying to manage their business, it’s very important that they find a way of doing it in a professional and comfortable manner.

However, this extends to all parts of the business; it could be someone who is trying to manage the offline arm or the online arm.

On the online side of things, ensuring that everything stays updated and prepared at all times is absolutely vital. Without these constant updates and improvements, a business can really struggle to move forward and give clients the kind of experience that they need.

Therefore, this is never more important than when you are talking about a website – especially if it’s built on a WordPress platform. This is a very user-friendly tool but given its popularity and its size, the more nefarious parts of the web tend to want to have their own stab at taking it down.

This is obviously a significant problem and something that you need to watch out for, so at BUSINESS we always recommend that you keep your WordPress installation as up-to-date as you possibly can so that the chances of being compromised are kept as small as possible.

Ever get a warning at the top of your WordPress dashboard? Don’t ignore it.

Many benefits come from having an up-to-date WordPress installation, including;

  • Security – This is the number one reason to keep your site and plugins all backed up and updated – to prevent hackers from accessing your site, inserting malware or changing your content. This can cost you time and money and also loss of business and in the end, can forfeit the trust you have built up with your clients.
  • Future-proofing your pages – At one stage you will want to start making adjustments and changes to your WordPress site, and when this happens you need to look at various factors when you start to do so. For example, you start finding that new plugins and changes just do not work because you are not up-to-date; a simple change, however, solves this problem once and for all
  • New features available – WordPress is always changing and adapting and the developers are adding in new features as they go; you miss out on these if you do not update your system
  • A greater level of performance – Although it’s a great tool, WordPress is not without its bugs and problems. However, these updates start to slowly crease the performance issues and leave you with something far more refined than what you had previously. This will make a significant difference to your overall levels of success; you just need to look for the right way of doing that through the various new features!
  • Better user experience – WordPress becomes more stable and more effective, and in turn, this makes it better for your clients to actually use. It will be quicker and more effective as a platform, so the tools that you use via WordPress will load much faster and therefore people will get the kind of information that they need to feel far more comfortable moving forward

As you can see, there are many different benefits that come with using WordPress – but even more, benefits come from keeping it up-to-date ranging from fixing bugs to keeping your search engine rankings in tip-top condition.

Talk to us about keeping your WordPress site and plugins updated and we can organise a regular backup and update service to give you peace of mind.

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