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Why should your clients care if you don’t?

While it would be nice to have a website design that lasts you for a full decade, unfortunately, websites tend to be a lot like the fashion world. When the new style arrives, it’ll be important that you don’t leave it too long to change over.

While your website does not usually need a complete overhaul, a mild re-design at least once a year should be on your list of things to do. These re-designs can be anything from a new section being added to a slightly new colour scheme, it really does depend on what you think. Coordinating with your web designer to find out what the latest trends and features that are being used in your niche are so you can find good ideas and inspiration.

The reason that a re-design is important is that it shows people that are still active and always adding new things – people don’t like businesses that are comfortable and don’t ever change much. With your business’ website there should be a change to the style of the website on a fairly regular basis.

This does not mean binning the old look but it means that even a new logo could be enough – however, annual alterations to the style of your website can be a great idea for keeping your business developing in the right way.

Experiment a little!

Another reason that annual change can be quite important is the style that it brings to your website – it lets you experiment with a new look and a new feel. There will never be a “perfect” design for everybody out there so it’s all about finding what fits your business’ ethos, style and message. If you believe that your design could do that in a better fashion then you shouldn’t waste any time making the change to a new design.

Even if you like your current design, you should never be totally stuck in the idea of sticking with a method or a style. Being receptive to change can help your business grow and develop further in the future, and it can be this readiness to change to a new style that takes your business to the next level.

While you may feel that your current design speaks all about your business in abundance, it’s important that you still take an observational stance on the design and in any way that you can make it look better.

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