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A new year, a whole new host of opportunities.

New businesses are also being started all the time, as people decide that this will be the year that they become big-name brands. If you are a business owner, then you may be looking at using 2014 as the springboard for success – but how do you actually do that?

Success is different for all of us. For some, it’s enough to get by and provide. For others, it’s becoming a household name. For any business to get on the path to succeeding, however, you need to have a website. Websites are acting as the primary hub for countless businesses all across the globe. If you are looking for a product or advice, you will ask Google before anybody else. It’s simple, it’s quick and you will find your answer online.

The challenge today is for website owners to create something good for themselves. If you aren’t capable of creating a design yourself, then you will need a designer. Although most designers will work to trends and specifications that complement your business, you may not be sure if it does. If you are wondering what actually makes a good website in 2014, keep reading;

Easy to Read
It might be quite simple, but having larger fonts might help you generate more sales. Today, people are viewing the internet not from the 32” TV in the living room but from their tablets and smartphones. Having an easy-to-read font which is clear is very important today – make sure that as soon as your site loads you can easily make out every word on the screen.

A few years ago, Google predicted that by 2014 more people would be using mobile devices to go online than PCs or laptops. This has proven to be true enough – the statistics are far in the favor of mobile today. This means making sure that your website is created in a way that it can respond to what type of device it is viewed upon. Having a mobile version of your site can be costly, but the majority of smartphone users will go back to the search engine if they need to zoom in to view your page. A responsive page will have a desktop and easy-to-use mobile equivalent.

A Flat Design
Again, mobile has changed the scene. There are many people out there who hold a grudge against mobile devices as they have completely altered the online landscape. While a few years ago the Web 2.0 hype had websites with crazy designs and really abstract ideals, today a flat website is the way to go. Windows 8 has been a huge contributor too, it looks so good that the flat style it represents is regularly seen online today. However, the reasoning is sound. Flat designs load faster, and we all know how important speed is online. Flat designs and colours make your site look sleek and simple, and it will load in an instant. This is what you want from your website in 2014.

While these are just three attributes of a successful website, they are all pretty vital. Some of the ideals out there for the “perfect” site are purely subjective, but the three above are pretty much considered to be the way to go from now on.

So when your business is looking to crash the online party and really take that next step, make sure your web designer is aware of the current trends and ideas that you are. Getting your site to look right, load right and act in the proper manner for each device can be the difference between a few sales and an expensive holiday all paid for!

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