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Getting your logo right is essential

When you are a small business owner, one of the things that you need to get right almost without fail is your overall look and your design.

You might be a small business of only one or two employees, but you don’t need to seem that way. The power of the internet means you can concentrate on looking at the part as well as doing the best work you possibly can.

One huge mistake that a lot of marketers and business owners use is going for a cheap logo. Using templates is a terrible idea for your business, as you want to have something designed that actually fits your business protocol and style.

You might think getting a template design or using a free online designer is the way to go, but saving money is not always a good thing. Having a logo that is generic or does not match your brand and your message is a waste of everybody’s time.

Your logo says a lot about you – it is the first thing people think of when they see your business. It is the overall finish of your brand, the part that represents everything you stand for. Think of any brand in any niche – let’s take sports for example.

Even if you have never watched the sport, there is a 99% chance you know who Manchester United are. You will recognize their badge as soon as you see it. Well, your business needs to have a logo that is going to do just that – make you recognized.

Using your logo as the makings of your own brand, rather than just something to use up the top part of your website and your footer, is a great idea. However, this is what having a poor logo may say about your business;

  • You are happy with cheap graphics designed in the thrift stores of online marketing
  • Your business has very little connection or passion for the niche it is
  • You are a total amateur
  • You don’t care much, which means you may not care either for the services you provide or indeed your customers

Now, these attributes most likely have nothing to do with you or your intentions, but that is how people see the world sadly. If you want to change that opinion quickly and give yourself a decent chance of having a more reputable business future, then get a good logo designed.

Most of all getting your logo designed can be fun and seeing that final design on your website or stationery will give your customers more confidence in your products or services.

Happy designing!

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