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facebook marketing

Is Facebook Effective Advertising For Businesses?

Facebook may be cost-effective for your business Facebook is, without a doubt one of the most powerful online e-systems that your business can use in the modern environment. It’s got the potential to give you lots of new leads for your business, and you can easily connect with one another and create long-term business partnerships. […]
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why use wordpress

Why You Should Keep Your WordPress Website Updated

If your website is built on WordPress then read this For anyone who is trying to manage their business, it’s very important that they find a way of doing it in a professional and comfortable manner. However, this extends to all parts of the business; it could be someone who is trying to manage the […]
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google recommend mobile ready friendly

Google and SEO Clarity – At Last!

Google officially recommends your site be mobile ready For quite some time now businesses have been dealing with the situation that Google was about to release a new set of algorithms that were going to cause an earthquake across the SEO world. To avoid this problem from occurring in the future, the massive search engine […]
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first impressions count

How To Present Yourself to Gain Clients

As we all, first impressions and how you come across as two absolutely vital factors in being involved in the world of business. Looking to get new clients? Then you aren’t likely to get anywhere if you just push along and hope for the best; instead, you will find that presenting yourself in the right […]
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best meta keywords density

Are keywords losing their power?

It’s time to take another look at how your site is being ranked How long have you been involved in internet marketing? If it’s been more than, say, five minutes you will no doubt have heard or read someone tell you just how important keywords are. Without them, as the legends say, you are guaranteed […]
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create a good logo design

Creating A Good Logo

Here are a few great tips to bear in mind when creating your company logo One thing that any business needs to have today is substance – it needs to have something more to it than a fancy design and some buzzwords thrown in for good effect. One thing that falls into this category, too, […]
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boost your blogging power

Boost Your Blogging Power With 3 Vital Changes

Your own blog – Just a few simple changes! Unless you have just awoken from a Walt Disneyesque cryogenic slumber, you may be aware that blogging is a thing now. We no longer look to the “expert” journalist in some red top newspaper to give us information – today; we look to the web and […]
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leaflet distribution brighton

The Best Ways To Attract Local Business

Need to attract more local customers? While for many people the race to be at the top of the online rankings for specific keywords is very much on, this race can soon leave behind your most valuable customers. Having an online profile will help you conquer as far as you can possibly go depending on […]
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jen the roo events

Jen the Roo Events – Entertainment Agency

Spectacular acts and global artists showcased on this superb new site Cloud 8 are really pleased to have been working together with the fabulous Jenny the Roo on her brand-new web site Jen supplies amazing acts, decor and production services to your corporate event or private party – making it an occasion to remember! From […]
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search engine optimisation marketing web

Do you want to be Uptown Top Ranking?

A few effective SEO tips that pay off! While SEO is one of the most commonly discussed sectors within the online marketing industry, it goes hand-in-hand with many other parts that you may not have even considered. For example, your website’s actual design can have as much of a bearing on your ranking with the […]
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keep up with seo tends

Keeping up with the SEO Trends

Not appearing high enough on the Search Engine results? SEO is one of the most prominently used and lauded online marketing strategies out there. Not only is it incredibly effective, but you don’t need even to be the top name on the list to make money from it. Indeed, the majority of people on the […]
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password managers

Too many passwords to remember?

Using High-End Password Managers You may or may not have seen this on the news, but in recent times a Russian hack squad has “acquired” more than 1.2 billion usernames and passwords from across the web. With more than 500 million e-mail addresses gone alongside these usernames, lots of people are beginning to find that […]
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web site lead conversions

Making Your Website Convert More Efficiently

Is your website not converting as it should? No matter the quality of the presentation of your website or how convincing you sound, if your website is not converting properly then something must be wrong. A website that just looks good and has no substance to it will only see the occasional buyer, and those […]
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jude edginton photographer website

When to redesign your web site?

Why should your clients care if you don’t? While it would be nice to have a website design that lasts you for a full decade, unfortunately, websites tend to be a lot like the fashion world. When the new style arrives, it’ll be important that you don’t leave it too long to change over. While […]
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creating web content

Content – Getting your message across

How Important is Content? When you have a website or any form of the online system, then it’s absolutely imperative that you take into account the importance of having quality content. Content is one of the most vital parts of any website – after all if your website has nothing interesting to say, why should […]
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ask for web help

It’s never too late to ask for help

What You Need For Guaranteed Online Success – a helping hand! When it comes to the world of online success, you want to have a guaranteed idea that is going to be used regularly, efficiently and improved to give you all the help and details that you need to ensure that your business online succeeds. […]
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old seo verses new

The Problems With Old SEO

Is it time you took a fresh look at how your site is performing in the search engines? Many websites today are still built around the old-hat methods they used for three to five years to build these websites. They may still look modern enough and cool enough, but what about the actual building materials […]
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web content

Creating Great Content for your Website

Things To Look Out For On Your Web Content We all love to have websites that are clean, slick and operate just fine no matter what page you are on or what you are waiting to load. Unfortunately for many businesses, the style well outweighs the substance of the site. Your site can look as […]
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call to action

Why Your Website Needs Calls To Action

Giving your customers an incentive As a business owner, it’s entirely your prerogative at all times to find new ways of creating income streams and raising profit margins for your business. The most difficult thing about any of this, of course, is the difficulty in coming up with something that is both fitting to your […]
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remember password algorithms

Unique passwords that you can actually remember

Try creating your own simple password algorithm Are you sick of going online, or watching the TV, and seeing the latest security scandal or hacking affair that has cost the government millions? Perhaps you are simply getting worried that your password is the same one for every website – well, here is a great method […]
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find good hosting company

Choosing A Good Hosting Company

Entering the minefield of the hosting company choices Anybody who has worked in the online industry for more than a short period will understand the importance of having a good hosting company. Whether you have been let down by a negligent company in the past or you are simply trying to find the best deal […]
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get blog exposure for traffic

Free Exposure For Your Blog

Promoting your Blog As the owner of a business, you should be more than school in the subject you are involved in. one of the key traits that we look for in businesses today is authority – proof that you know the product you are selling, and that you know it hands down. One of […]
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good networking for business

You need to get out more!

The Positives of Face-to-Face Networking As a business owner, you will be well aware of the different standards and procedures that take place every time you step out to meet a client. But when was the last time you actually set out of your way to go and meet a client in person? This might […]
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keep web customers happy

Keeping your customers happy

A few ideas to keep your clients coming back. The importance of your existing client base cannot be left to chance. If you don’t give your current clients the type of belief and support that they deserve to return and work with you in the future, you will struggle to keep your business aims on […]
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good website examples

What Makes A Good Website?

A new year, a whole new host of opportunities. New businesses are also being started all the time, as people decide that this will be the year that they become big-name brands. If you are a business owner, then you may be looking at using 2014 as the springboard for success – but how do […]
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keep clients happy

Keeping Your Clients Coming Back For More

A few great tips on getting return customers! One of the most common outsets and opinions that we hear from business owners we have worked with in the past is extremely frustrating. We regularly hear businesses believing that following up with clients is pointless as “they know where we are”. This extremely popular mentality is […]
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Create A Powerful Adwords Campaign

How Can You Create A Powerful Adwords Campaign?

Trying to work out the internet for yourself can be a trying process. With the near-daily change in methodology and the latest new power software being released all the time, keeping up with the best methods for your online efforts has never been more open to us, however. While it can take time to get […]
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create good responsive web design

Responsive Design and why your site needs it

What is Responsive Design and why does my site need it? Keeping people on your site and turning them into return visitors is an art in itself. The designs need to be eye-catching, the content should be interesting and the site needs to be functional and should be easy to use, view and navigate. Website […]
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Use Twitter For Business

Three Great Ways To Use Twitter For Your Business

Do you run your own business? If you do run your own business, then it is likely that you have heard that Twitter is one of the best ways to promote your business. Because everything is so sharp and quick on the site, you can really get your message out there with a purpose and […]
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influence of bitcoin

The Influence of Bitcoin

Bitcoin, one of the world’s first decentralised forms of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is quickly gaining steam in the race to provide a more effective means of digital transactions. Without the presence of political authority to guide its every move, Bitcoin has become more popular than ever, allowing customers to conduct microtransactions with each other at such […]
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boost business social media

Boosting Your Business With Social Media

It has been proven in the last couple of years just how big an impact social media has had on our society as a whole. In the world of business, though, it is an entirely different prospect. Basically, social media gives every business owner a way to integrate and promote their business into the minds […]
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logo design for companies

What A Logo Says About Your Business

Getting your logo right is essential When you are a small business owner, one of the things that you need to get right almost without fail is your overall look and your design. You might be a small business of only one or two employees, but you don’t need to seem that way. The power […]
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tips for web design webdesign

Web design – A few essential tips

Great tips for designing your website When designing a website for the first time, there are some essential tips you should keep in mind in order to make your website attractive and easy to use. These tips are based on the habits of Internet users since they make up your primary audience. Internet users are […]
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seo tips and hints

What Can SEO Do For You?

In any line of work, no matter what it is, you are always looking to make the most of any situation that you can. Maximizing conversions when they are high, treating customers like royalty and answering any questions with the most heartfelt apology possible are all just another part of the wonderful game that is […]
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bitcoin for digital currency

Bitcoin – The Role Digital Currency Plays in the Market

Is Bitcoin transforming the way we buy things? Digital currency is quickly becoming the means by which many consumers already are starting to choose to conduct transactions. Prompt payments can be made anywhere in the world without having to consult your bank beforehand. It can make it easier to make emergency payments at any time […]
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best seo practices uk

The Best SEO Practices

A few tips on getting your new site noticed If you’re new to writing SEO articles, there are some important tips you should keep in mind to maximise the quality of the articles you produce. You may think it simple at first, but it’s much more involved than you think. However, by employing some of […]
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why have good webdesign

Four great benefits of having a professional-looking web design

Why professional-looking web design is important If people get the impression that you’re a professional, they are more likely to hire you and use your services. Well, the same can be said for your website. We live in the so-called “digital age” in which technology is king. Almost every single important aspect of everyday life […]
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reasons to have website

Four Reasons Why You Need A Website

Is having a website important? If you have been looking into the online world to try and improve your business, then one of the things that you first have to do is consider getting a website. Unlike even a few years ago, websites were extremely difficult to come by cheaply and getting a high-quality design […]
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best web design in brighton

Simplicity in Web Design

A few tips on keeping your website readers’ attention There is a lot involved with the web design process. The rule of thumb when starting a web design project is that simplicity is always best. It can make your website easier to navigate and read; too complicated a design can hurt your readers’ eyes and […]
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