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Using High-End Password Managers

You may or may not have seen this on the news, but in recent times a Russian hack squad has “acquired” more than 1.2 billion usernames and passwords from across the web. With more than 500 million e-mail addresses gone alongside these usernames, lots of people are beginning to find that their spam folders are fuller than ever. Described as the “biggest data breach known to date” this is a mega moment for the software and hardware industry.

With so many of us having our data out there in the open now, should it not be time that you start looking at better ways you can protect yourself in the future? Thankfully, there are intelligent and modern solutions that you can turn to for assistance.

It might not quite be the voice and eye recognition that firms like IBM predict are the coming future, but password managers give you far more control and security over your business. Some of these products are totally free to use, others require a membership. The paid numbers are probably more feature-heavy, but we want to look at the best way to keep your costs down while maintaining high security and safety levels at all times.


LastPass is probably the genesis of this type of software, and has been around since early 2008. They provide people with automatic form filler, password sharing permits and even a simple notepad feature that lets you generate high-end passwords and even create a USB key that you use to unlock your passwords using ONLY that device. It’s smart and effective, and it’s totally free to use on a desktop. It’s just $12/year for your mobile, so if you use a work phone this might be worth looking into for security purposes.


Selling itself as the elite solution to this type of problem, it has more than one million customers and works with both mobile and desktop operating systems perfectly. Instead, SplashID sends you a little USB flash drive in the shape of a key. All you do is enter this into your system, put in your access details for SplashID and away you go. You can then store, update and share passwords and extras with anybody that you choose – it’s really that simple to use.


RoboForm is popular with its users because it gives you speedy and simple form fill-out access that is secure and safe. All you do is store your personal details inside RoboForm, with no transfer ever allowed elsewhere. You can even have multiple profiles so that the whole household can keep themselves safe and secure. It’s got varying membership packages that you can sign up and use, so whatever suits you – from the basic version at $19,95 per year to the “2go” equivalent that’s closer to $40, you have the choice to make depending on what you can afford and how secure you really need to be.

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