Use Twitter For Business

Do you run your own business?

If you do run your own business, then it is likely that you have heard that Twitter is one of the best ways to promote your business.

Because everything is so sharp and quick on the site, you can really get your message out there with a purpose and direction. If you feel that your business has been struggling to keep its social media activities fresh, then there are some great ways out there to bring back some enjoyment and activity to your service.

Organize Your List

There are many ways that you can organize your Twitter followers so you can easily delegate between each set. You may have friends, clients, business owners and just general interests all within one account. This means that keeping track and delegating your messages to the right people can become a little tougher.

Creating lists is simple so that you can group up everybody by way of affiliation. This means that you can easily check out everything that is being said by each type of person without getting caught up in the constant noise and updates of your news feed.

Revamp Your Profile

Everybody likes to see something new happen, something changed. Revamp your profile with a new theme, a new profile page and some more open-ended information. Because your picture is always going to be quite small, you want it to be quite striking. You also want it to stretch properly so it is visible both in a thumbnail and an expanded format.

If this is a personal account, then get a photo of yourself. It’s much easier to trust a face than a logo, and if you are being open and honest anyway on the site you may as well go a step further and give full authority and value to your readers!

Create A Landing Page

Having only 160 characters to give your full introduction to your business can be a bit frustrating. Twitter is great, but not everything has to be so direct! If you, like us, find it frustrating at having to sum up your entire life and enterprise in just 160 characters, consider a Twitter landing page.

Use your Twitter page to link your readers directly to the landing page of your website. Using a landing page as your Twitter web address, you can take people to an account which is linked up directly with your Twitter page but gives you much more space to tell your stories, experiences and professions.

Using these three simple tasks can immediately give you a new look and a new feel. Instantly you can create a much more venerable and intelligent Twitter account that will look and respond more appropriately to your clients, friends and followers in general.

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