old seo verses new

Is it time you took a fresh look at how your site is performing in the search engines?

Many websites today are still built around the old-hat methods they used for three to five years to build these websites. They may still look modern enough and cool enough, but what about the actual building materials that make the website great? If you think of the design of your website as the paint on the walls, then the content is the décor that really makes the room.

Content must be absolutely spot on today both in terms of quality, uniqueness and finally keyword usage. Years ago making sure that your keyword was used in every second sentence was the way forward. Today, though, you don’t need to deal with any of these problems – keywords should only be used naturally which leaves more space for quality content that can push sales.

Playing the game

The problem with this is that those websites are still out of date and full of keyword-heavy phrases that were added just to make up the content’s word count and will be kicked to the floor by Google and the other search engines. Today, they don’t appreciate that kind of behaviour and any attempts to try and swindle the search engine will see your website gunned down and probably unable to return without drastic changes.

Therefore, if your website is still based on an old SEO method then you need to have it changed and upgraded. In 2014, Google has seen too many businesses fold and never return due to a lack of activity on their part to change and keep up with the times. Sure, your last SEO audit may only have been a couple of years ago and cost you a lot of money but SEO experts and web designers merely are informed when changes to Google are being made at the same time as you.

Moving forward

There’s no way to predict what will change and what will happen, but it’s easy to find out how to master the current rules. This is where businesses like Cloud 8 come into play as we offer a centralized and professional SEO campaign package that lets every business integrate and improve its entire online efforts into one concerted program that will deliver results in the long term.

If you are looking for a solid system that can bring you positive returns and last you for quite a while yet, then contact us HERE today and we can begin a consultation for turning around your website’s ailing performance and putting you back at the top echelons of Google for your desired keywords.

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