influence of bitcoin

Bitcoin, one of the world’s first decentralised forms of cryptocurrency,

Bitcoin is quickly gaining steam in the race to provide a more effective means of digital transactions. Without the presence of political authority to guide its every move, Bitcoin has become more popular than ever, allowing customers to conduct microtransactions with each other at such a high rate that it is difficult to monitor them all.

With its acceptance in a wide variety of markets, there are a number of top merchant sites that currently accept Bitcoin as currency for their products and services.

Here are the top five websites that trade in Bitcoin. With many more being added every day.

WordPress: WordPress is a site that allows users to create free blogs using their database and upload system. Custom design templates are also offered for purchase, for those who are interested in attaining that professional look for their blogs.

Reddit: The site dedicated to social news and entertainment allows user-generated links to be shared amongst users, with a voting system that allows for top stories to be placed on the front page.

The Internet Archive: This not-for-profit organisation has dedicated its time to establishing a permanent digital library of all websites, even the ones that no longer exist. Its Wayback Machine system saves older versions of websites, allowing users to take a glimpse into the past. Donations can be made to the project in Bitcoin, and some employees are also paid in this cryptocurrency.

OkCupid: The popular dating and social site is available for free to all of its users, but members can use Bitcoin to pay for bonus features.

Namecheap: A domain provider, this company allows customers to Bitcoin for domain registration, domain parking, e-mails, and SSL certificates. This can save webmasters on time and effort it takes to remember to make their monthly payments to their domain provider.

The popularity of Bitcoin is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Users have the freedom to conduct trade with each other in the digital market, on their own terms, without the enforcement of a central authority.

Although perhaps just a PR stunt, a 7.5 Million dollar mansion is now up for sale for bitcoins and someone even bought a TESLA electric vehicle for the equivalent of $103,000 It just goes to show the currency is getting stronger and more accepted all the time:)

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