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Need to attract more local customers?

While for many people the race to be at the top of the online rankings for specific keywords is very much on, this race can soon leave behind your most valuable customers. Having an online profile will help you conquer as far as you can possibly go depending on your business’ circumstances, but your local area is your stronghold where you can make sure you have a lifetime of work and credibility to rely upon. The internet is the next level for most businesses – but what about your local area? How can you use modern marketing methods to drum up business in the local area?

Online Directories

Local, online directories that post ads for local businesses are a great way to get started. Many people start here and then research each candidate before making a choice so having your name out there in as many local online directories as possible is a great way to get your business moving forward. Online directories including Google’s own Local Business Centre are great places to get started and can help you drum up your reputation for years to come simply with one advertisement.
You are best sticking with free directories outside of Yell.com and the like – they can become expensive and quite pressuring if you don’t take out a paid package. You can get just as much value from set-and-forget online directory ads.

Social Media

Where else can you grab the local market? You can use social media marketing techniques to drill down into local profiles and geo-locations to find people nearby who may want to keep in touch with your business, or who may have never used your services before. Social media lets you blast out promotions and get yourself mentioned in positive ways across social media, where your name can spread like wildfire in the local area. It’s the easiest way to get everyone talking about your business and how helpful you can be to the public!
Social media experts are quite easy to find if you are willing to look around – a local expert is never far away and can help you optimize and manage your profile to catch the local area and make sure you are being noticed and followed by as many people as possible.

Leaflet Distribution

One thing that many of us don’t even consider a viable marketing technique anymore is leaflet posting. But why is this? This is where many of us have, for years, found out about community events and new business openings in the area. It gets people talking and creates a vibe in the area in anticipation of your new business opening up. A little bit of direct marketing like door-to-door leaflet delivery and distribution can be incredibly powerful and can make a huge difference to the overall growth and development of your business in a new environment.
Old-school methods mixed with the new-age marketing style can be hugely effective – so why not get started today?

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