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What is Responsive Design and why does my site need it?

Keeping people on your site and turning them into return visitors is an art in itself. The designs need to be eye-catching, the content should be interesting and the site needs to be functional and should be easy to use, view and navigate. Website owners that want to attract customers must know one thing when it comes to viewing their websites; it has to be user-friendly.

What is responsive design, you may ask? Basically, any web design with the sole purpose of providing a good and easy way of navigating and reading on any device is called responsive design. In other words – having a mobile-friendly site.

By having a responsive design for your website, your clients and/or target audience will have a better way of scrolling, panning and resizing the layout of the site, being able to easily see and use it. Therefore spending more time on your site, and hopefully engaging with you too.

A lot of people don’t understand the full benefits of having a responsive design for their websites and why they need to have a mobile-friendly site. One of the main factors is when you use responsive design for your website; it is much easier to manage. Most users do not know that when using an SEO-based mobile-friendly site, they save time in managing between the desktop site and the mobile site. Also when someone searches for certain keywords on their smartphone, your site is more likely to appear in the results.

By having a responsive design for your site, you will not just save time and effort in building two versions of your website; it will also help in optimising the search of keywords by your targeted audience.

Responsive design will give your users a much better experience even google recommends the use of responsive design and will give your site good ranking marks for its use of it. They will give your site a better score for usability and also for the fact that people will stay on your site for longer.

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