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Promoting your Blog

As the owner of a business, you should be more than school in the subject you are involved in. one of the key traits that we look for in businesses today is authority – proof that you know the product you are selling, and that you know it hands down. One of the best ways to convey this kind of authority is with a blog – it’s quick, it’s easy and it lets you really show off what you know.

However, like everything else online, the competition can be absolutely incredible.  Just getting your blog noticed can be a gruelling fight – especially when you are trying to establish your name and reputation. Thankfully, the internet as always has lots of free ways you can get yourself some extra exposure. Here are some simple ways you can close the gap between yourself and the competition out there;

Guest Blog

Writing a piece for a blog in a similar niche but not exactly is very helpful. For example, you may be selling sports equipment online – why not write a sports article about your favourite sports club and how they are getting on? Find a blog based on that team and ask that they publish it in exchange for taking on the link of your blog as well. This can create pretty much instant authority for yourself, and bring new traffic to your website.

Blog Series

Along the same lines, why not work alongside some other bloggers? Your niche will no doubt have at least ten well-read blogs on the subject. We get blogs for everything these days, sometimes you even get blogs about blogs. Simply link all of the pages together so that this series, held by many different viewpoints, is easily located together.


We all love to get things for free, right?

Of course, we do, free stuff is always great. So why not makeup something that’s not worth people hunting down and buying but is interesting enough to read? A quick e-book about your industry could be perfect, a specific key moment in your industry, or even the potential for the future can be a good way to get started. How about writing a free tutorial even?

Why not give away a copy of this e-book every time somebody visits your profile by including the link on your home page or profile page? This can be massively powerful, and instantly generates credibility for your business. As long as the information within is legitimate, it can be as big or as small as you like.

Link your blog to Twitter and Facebook

Linking your blog to Twitter and Facebook is another great way to reach more people, so perhaps consider using a service like – this service can reed your RSS feed from your blog and post to your social media, even LinkedIn.

Either way, these are just a few ways to get your blog out there and the perfect place to get started and really make a wave in your market without having to go down the overspending route. Advertisements and fame for your blog can only be a good thing – don’t ever let a fear of failure hold you back here!

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