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A few ideas to keep your clients coming back.

The importance of your existing client base cannot be left to chance. If you don’t give your current clients the type of belief and support that they deserve to return and work with you in the future, you will struggle to keep your business aims on track for the future. Building a website which is interesting, regularly updated with new content and also full of advice and helpful assistance for your readers is one of the most important parts of keeping your clients coming back for more.

Keeping your existing clients happy is extremely important – you should always try your utmost to provide them value for the long-term as well as initially and, of course, if your customers don’t believe they are receiving an excellent deal with good support, then they may go elsewhere.

Encouraging customer feedback
Providing a simple form for your existing clients to fill in for feedback can be a very useful way to get that important knowledge on your own business that is sometimes not easy to see. If you don’t want to use a form, then a simple email request can suffice. After all, getting feedback costs nothing and can give you great insight into some areas where you can improve your business.

 Send a birthday card  or gift to your clients
Why not send your most valued clients a personalised card or gift for their birthday  (or even just for Xmas)? if you don’t know the date, then try sites like Facebook or Linkedin, they often state those dates. Create a specific list in your diary / CMS or your preferred calendar. It’s always nice to be remembered and there’s a good chance your business relationships will be enhanced by doing this.

Membership Schemes
One great way to provide yourself with a recurring income for your business is to provide membership schemes. For a monthly price, you can offer anything from discounts and special offers to free gifts and extra services available. It all depends on what you offer and what you sell – but a membership scheme can be an excellent way to bring in a guaranteed income and make your current clients feel important to the overall structure of your business.

However, this should not be seen as just another product for you to sell – it should be the next level of your business. It gives you a platform to increase authority and credibility for the long term, building a much more complete and trusted brand for your clients to turn to. If you are regularly sending them offers, new information, advice and your latest movements in your market, you can keep them returning for more assistance and products in the future.

Offer a payment scheme
While bringing in new clients is important, retaining the ones you have is vital. By offering them a fair monthly or yearly payment scheme, you can create a recurring payment schedule for your business that builds a nice portfolio of return clients. Having this type of guarantee allows you to move into new markets and offer even more powerful services and products, as you have a constant income dripping into your bank account.

These are just a few ideas to get those customers returning to you, but most of all remember that above everything, good communication is foremost. If you a struggling to deliver a product or service, or simply to let them know the progress with a job, good communication is always greatly valued.

So try to give your customers what they want, communicate well and treat them to a card or gift and they will stay with you for a long time!

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