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A few great tips on getting return customers!

One of the most common outsets and opinions that we hear from business owners we have worked with in the past is extremely frustrating.

We regularly hear businesses believing that following up with clients is pointless as “they know where we are”. This extremely popular mentality is never going to encourage return sales and long-term client relationships to be built. Remember, your business is only as good as its last day so making sure that you constantly have good days is vital to your success. The best way to ensure you always have good days is quite simple – make sure your clients are coming back for more.

You may be able to offer them nothing on the service/product they already purchased from you, but you may have a related aid that they have been looking for. You don’t want to sit and go through your whole catalogue, but ignoring old clients is literally throwing away potential profit into the sky. If you want to make sure that you generate a little bit of additional profit in the future, make sure that you are offering clients as varied and as reliable a service as you possibly can.

Here are just some of the easiest ways you can keep in touch with old clients to keep them referring and coming back to you;

Keep In Touch
When you finish working with a client, ensure you put them onto a clients mailing list. This means that you can send out periodic e-mails, once every few weeks, to see if you can help any of your old clients out any further. This simply managed online e-mail service allows you to keep track of everybody, as well as let them know that they can get even more value from your business if they just get in touch.

Social Media
Everybody is using pages like Facebook and Twitter today. Make sure you get your clients following you and that you are regularly projecting messages out there letting everybody know how much use you can be to them. This lets you subtly put out the message with a few tweets/wall posts every day or two to keep yourself fresh in the minds of clients.

Run A Blog
A blog is an excellent way to keep people interested in you. If you are giving out useful tips, they are more likely to come back on their own accord and read your blog to see what your latest advice and tips are for them. If you can provide this type of service on a regular basis and give out good advice and information about your services, you won’t be long in generating lots more traffic and in turn revenue for the future.

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