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Not appearing high enough on the Search Engine results?

SEO is one of the most prominently used and lauded online marketing strategies out there. Not only is it incredibly effective, but you don’t need even to be the top name on the list to make money from it. Indeed, the majority of people on the front page will see results fairly quickly. In 2013, we saw a variety of changes come to the SEO world that completely altered the experience. In the eyes of some, this was a good thing – in the eyes of others, this was not so good.

Many people had spent thousands on SEO campaigns built around keyword usage and heavy levels of spamming to try and make sure they got the volume of searches they required. Today, thanks to the Google Panda update, this is no longer the case. Panda rewards good content, like any search engine should, and left many people who had abused the keyword system too much with a very little left that they could actually do to repair their reputation.

Constantly changing

Likewise, the Hummingbird update came later and made a huge difference as well. It completely updated the way that keywords are read and how searches are actually understood, enhancing the long-term usability of search engines as a whole. However, these are just the changes that happened in 2013!

2014 has seen some big changes as well, with the main introduction of Google+ really becoming a big part of the online world. It helps to increase your search engine ranking, equally as much as Facebook in the modern world. If you want to make sure that your business is performing to the very peak of its abilities, you need to be looking into using Google+!

Social Media and SEO

In fact, social media in general has become far more related to SEO than we ever thought it would have done. It’s a huge part of internet marketing, but it and SEO go hand-in-hand. All of your profiles conjoined together linking back to the one website? This is incredibly powerful. It’s something that lots of businesses are beginning to turn to and it’s really helping their SEO campaigns – if you aren’t doing this, you should maybe look into finding somebody who can do it for you.

The entire marketing canvas has changed in the last few years alone. New ideas appear, and some old ideas vanish – but SEO is still here, and if you aren’t using it in the manner that the 2013 updates suggest then your internet usage is going to need an incredibly drastic overhaul, this is a certain fact.

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