first impressions count

As we all, first impressions and how you come across as two absolutely vital factors in being involved in the world of business.

Looking to get new clients?

Then you aren’t likely to get anywhere if you just push along and hope for the best; instead, you will find that presenting yourself in the right manner gives you the best bet of getting the job and actually landing the kind of business that you were hoping for in the first place. At BUSINESS, we understand the importance of presentation and how if you put things across properly, you can get sales.
So, how should you actually go about presenting yourself? What are the main things to look out for as you go?

Does Your Design Build Confidence?

The design that you are using is supposed to be the thing that gets eyebrows raising and has your clients coming back to you for more – if you look at the part, they will be more interested. However, instilling that confidence in your clients can be hard work and will be down to the professionalism of your layout and your design along the way – if you aren’t able to make people see just how much you have to offer, they aren’t likely to stick around and find out more.

Make sure that your presentation is sleek, easy to use, and capable of getting your clients all the information they need without having to reach too far them to get it all. This builds confidence that you only know what you are talking about, but you knew what they were looking to find out – this can be one of the big keys behind getting a sale and missing out.

Show Your Projects Off

Do you have success stories from the past that you can use as a means of convincing your clients that what you are delivering is the real deal? Then you’ll get all the help that you need with this; show your projects off without taking up too much time or space with your clients and ensure that you have a long-term plan that you can fall back on for years to come. When your projects are easy for clients to follow they’ll feel like you have a large backlog of successful jobs without making yourself come across as arrogant or entitled.

Instil Confidence

The thing that you need to do with your work is to show people that you have confidence in your ability to help them, and yourself, whilst promoting everyone in the right light. Those who come across as aggressive or arrogant when they are working can be hard to stay around, so make sure you are giving people the right impression. When your projects come across with a quiet, professional level of confidence it can make the sale for you; when it comes across as if you are doing them a favour, it’s not worth your time.

Preparation is everything – so make sure that you follow the rules and give your client all the help that they need in making the right decision!

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