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How Important is Content?

When you have a website or any form of the online system, then it’s absolutely imperative that you take into account the importance of having quality content.

Content is one of the most vital parts of any website – after all if your website has nothing interesting to say, why should people visit it?

In the past, you could get by having mediocre content so long as it was full of keywords. Today, though, this isn’t quite so simple. You need to be telling genuinely useful information to people, as Google has made the algorithms it uses far more progressive than previously. Now, content is king. If your website is full of keyword-stuffed content that is not looking to say much other than try and get brownie points with the search engines, you will struggle.

Quality content is all about doing two things;

  • Posing a question to the reader that they can’t solve
  • Providing them with an easy answer, creating authority

Content should be used to lure people in today and to make sales as easy as they possibly can be. If you can give somebody a problem within the article and instantly give them a solution, too, you will be doing two things. You will be showing that you have knowledge and authority in your niche but you will be building trust – after all, who doesn’t trust a helpful person? There’s really nothing much to it than this, but content really is the be-all and end-all in the modern world.

Since Google changed its algorithms, content has become less keyword sensitive and more about the quality and how unique it is. If you have previously thought it was cool to spin articles or just steal content from other sites, today you need to think harder and you need to think smarter. There is so much more to the world of online marketing and content management than just having keywords in there or spun articles.

Keep it genuine and fresh

It’s better to have the content rewritten organically by a freelancer or a professional than turn to a spinner – this should help you understand what your website should be trying to say rather than trying to figure out how you are going to fit all of those keywords onto the page.

You don’t need to get yourself embroiled in a difficult decision anymore, you can have genuine content created that will make your site stand out and will attract more unique visitors who find what you have to say engaging and intriguing.

Give us a call to discuss how we can help you create interesting content that will engage your customers!

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