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A few effective SEO tips that pay off!

While SEO is one of the most commonly discussed sectors within the online marketing industry, it goes hand-in-hand with many other parts that you may not have even considered. For example, your website’s actual design can have as much of a bearing on your ranking with the search engines as your content and keywords!
The internet may offer huge visibility for anyone willing to work at it, but if you are on page ten of Google you aren’t exactly likely to get seen. Starting off with the design and style of your website, you can start to change this and get yourself moving up the ranks with these simple & effective SEO tips that can really pay off big down the line for you;

Shave Your Layout

If you feel that your website is too cluttered, especially behind the scenes, then using HTML5 elements to help clean everything up and make your website far easier to read for the crawlers can be hugely beneficial. You might have a stunning array of SEO-friendly content in there, but the crawlers get so confused by your design it gets lost in the madness of it all. Bring your layout down and you can have a much more comfortable web experience.

Dodge Flash

Flash was cool in 2002 when websites like Newgrounds made a home for satire within PC animation. However, today it’s kind of a chocolate teapot today. It’s too slow to really be of any benefit to your website for SEO reasons, and it’s been replaced by various other systems that make it just as easy and less resource heavy than Flash. Lastly, Flash is pretty much an SEO kryptonite – it can’t be read and it will hurt page load times which is a huge factor within SEO.

Use ALT Tags For Images

If you are using images then you need to make it appealing visually as well as with the text that describes it. The crawlers aren’t people, they can’t see the picture. So you need to make it obvious to them what the picture is about, and using Alt tags is very effective – it’s also a great way to use keywords without making your content sound poorly written or somewhat robotic.
These are just three of the most basic tips you could use, but all three will immediately help make your website more appealing to your users and make sure that they come back to you in the future. More importantly, though it makes sure that your website can be found easily in the first place!

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