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It has been proven in the last couple of years just how big an impact social media has had on our society as a whole.

In the world of business, though, it is an entirely different prospect. Basically, social media gives every business owner a way to integrate and promote their business into the minds of so many people they usually would not have access to.

Having a Facebook page for your business can be the difference to the mild success and fighting off the contracts, seriously. Facebook has a really strong hit rate with your messages, with it being estimated that more than half of Facebook users check their profile every single day. This means that if you are active enough online, you will catch their attention. This type of marketing power cannot be ignored, it really can’t. With just under a quarter of users checking their news feed 5+ times a day, you are basically getting involved in a hugely addictive market.

With that type of exposure, you could quickly open up a whole new business avenue for yourself. Being able to get exposure to so many people – big social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have around one billion users each – is such a powerful tool for any business. If you sell products, it gives you the opportunity to sell and ship to just about anywhere in the world, because your Facebook followers could come from anywhere in the world at.

It has been estimated that 54% of online marketers have found at least one new client through using Facebook this year, and that looks set to increase further as more businesses catch on to one of 2013’s biggest growing trends.

However, it is not all about Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn is the “businessman’s Facebook” and offers a chance to connect with other business owners, marketers, freelancers and executives with ease. Because LinkedIn is so professional, you can be sure that who you are talking to is actually who they say they are. Promoting your business through related groups on LinkedIn is a huge way to bring in new business. With over 200 million members already, this is a brilliant way to get out there on the market and network with other businesses within your niche.

The power of social media really does leave you with a whole new world of exposure in front of you. being able to reach new markets and also keep in contact with your current clients is a brilliant way to build authority and trust with your client base, which as we all know if the key to genuine success. So get out there, get some social media accounts set up, and start promoting your brand – turn to a professional designer, too, if you feel that you could use a professional mind behind your social media marketing efforts.

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