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Your own blog – Just a few simple changes!

Unless you have just awoken from a Walt Disneyesque cryogenic slumber, you may be aware that blogging is a thing now. We no longer look to the “expert” journalist in some red top newspaper to give us information – today; we look to the web and to the independent thoughts and opinions of others. Just as we look for our news from more independent sources these days, we also look for our information and our reviews in this way too.

Many of us don’t trust the big review sites anymore so we turn our attention to less fractious members of the public who can give us a more open and honest appraisal of the product…hopefully. This is why blogging is so incredibly powerful – with a few simple changes to your own style and what you are saying and bam! You can be at the very peak of the Google search rankings and have your blog read by thousands.

So, as we know, blogging can be used to bring you traffic, make your sales, link you together with other sites and get people interested in what you say/sell/offer. But the problem is many blogs are absolutely terrible – and you might be writing a terrible blog, too. Make sure that your blog is decent by following these three key steps, or you might be driving away more readers than you bring in;


Pagination might sound hilarious and alien to some, but to those in the blogging game, it’s so vital it’s quite frightening. It’s a system that lets you enumerate pages so you can archive your content, and organize it properly. This may not be too important to some but for SEO purposes it can be an absolute monster. It will help you create SEO-friendly content and ensure that your Page Rank is going to be as high as it possibly can be in the future. Fewer clicks to find your content make it more likely clients will actually read it.


It may seem simple but having “previous” and “next” is going to really boost your blog up the rankings and make it easier to remain relevant to your clients. it helps people find content similar to what you are talking about just now, but either from the past or a more recent post than the one that they are reading – perfect!


Title tags might seem daft but they are very useful – by varying your title tag and using various keywords and modifiers to help make your content seem a bit more unique as it goes, you can really benefit from the improved SEO ranking and the more unique, genuine content you will be left with.

It might not be a make-or-break solution but simply using tags to properly mark your content appropriately and mixing up the titles of each article, can make a significant difference.

Going for something like Headspace2 might be a good idea if you are in need of quality tagging assistance.


Even if you feel you don’t get much response directly from your blog, don’t forget that getting your blog out there will not only increase your search engine presence, and show you are interested in your subject, but it will also get you awareness that may result in new business at a later date.

Need help?

If you don’t feel blogging is for you, then ask somebody to take care of it for you. There are many people out there who really enjoy writing and can definitely help you get regular articles.

Whatever you decide to do – enjoy it!

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