why have good webdesign

Why professional-looking web design is important

If people get the impression that you’re a professional, they are more likely to hire you and use your services.

Well, the same can be said for your website.

We live in the so-called “digital age” in which technology is king. Almost every single important aspect of everyday life can now be carried out via the internet. Your banking, your accounts, and for many of you, your businesses. Your website is what sets you apart from everybody else, it’s like your own advertising page or your own shop front. If it looks professional, well laid out, and easy to navigate, chances are that potential customers will use your services, and make you money. For that reason, a professional-looking web design is most definitely important.

Here are just four of the many, many benefits.

More potential customers will stay on your page 

Your site isn’t like YouTube and therefore based on page views, oh no. Your site is based on visitors who stay on your site and take a look around. How many times have you clicked on a site, found the layout annoying and hard to navigate, and quickly searched for an alternative? Quite a few times we’re willing to bet. Well, the last thing you want is that happening on your site. A professional-looking web design which is easy to navigate has the potential to make you big money, so it’s worth doing your research and getting it right.

It allows you to stand out from the competition

Whichever services you provide, you will almost certainly be up against competition offering the same, or very similar services. If your site is of a higher standard of quality, is grammatically correct, with friendly subtle colour schemes and fonts, then you have the opportunity to really stand out against the competition and project the image of professionalism and success.

You will do better on the search engine pages

Statistics show that around 80% of users seeking a specific service, will only browse the first two pages of search engine results. For that reason, ensuring your site is on these pages, or better still, at the top of these pages, ensures that you stand a much better chance of nabbing potential customers. The more people that search for, and view your site, the higher in the rankings it becomes. The easier it is to navigate, and the better it looks, the more people will click on your site, and up the search engine results, you go.

You could get free advertising on other websites

By looking great and being laid out perfectly, your page will almost certainly gain more customers, make you more money, and push you up search engine rankings. If your site is doing especially well, other popular websites often display ads for sites that are also popular. Your site could very well be one of these examples.

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