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  • Choosing A Good Hosting Company

    Entering the minefield of the hosting company choices Anybody who has worked in the online industry for more than a short period will understand the importance of having a good hosting company. Whether you have been let down by a negligent company in the past or you are simply trying to find the best deal […]

  • Free Exposure For Your Blog

    Promoting your Blog As the owner of a business, you should be more than schooled in the subject you are involved in. one of the key traits that we look for in businesses today is authority – proof that you know the product you are selling, and that you know it hands down. One of […]

  • You need to get out more!

    The Positives of Face-to-Face Networking. As a business owner, you will be well aware of the different standards and procedures that take place every time you step out to meet a client. But when was the last time you actually set out of your way to go and meet a client in person? This might […]

  • Keeping your customers happy

    A few ideas to keep your clients coming back. The importance of your existing client base cannot be left to chance. If you don’t give your current clients the type of belief and support that they deserve to return and work with you in the future, you will struggle to keep your business aims on […]

  • What Makes A Good Website?

    A new year, a whole new host of opportunities. New businesses are also being started all the time, as people decide that this will be the year that they become a big name brand. If you are a business owner, then you may be looking at using 2014 as the springboard for success – but […]

  • Keeping Your Clients Coming Back For More

    One of the most common outsets and opinions that we hear from business owners we have worked with in the past is extremely frustrating. We regularly hear businesses believing that following up with clients is pointless as “they know where we are”. This extremely popular mentality is never going to encourage return sales and long-term […]

  • How Can You Create A Powerful Adwords Campaign?

    Trying to work out the internet for yourself can be a trying process. With the near daily change in methodology and the latest new power software being released all the time, keeping up with the best methods for your online efforts has never been more open to us, however. While it can take time to […]

  • Responsive Design and why your site needs it

    What is Responsive Design and why does my site need it? Keeping people on your site and turning them into return visitors is an art in itself. The designs need to be eye catching, the content should be intresting and the site needs to be functional and should be easy to use, view and navigate. […]

  • The Influence of Bitcoin

    Bitcoin, one of the world’s first decentralised forms of cryptocurrency, is quickly gaining steam in the race to provide a more effective means of digital transactions. Without the presence of a political authority to guide its every move, Bitcoin has become more popular than ever, allowing customers to conduct microtransactions between each other at such […]

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